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Dropout + BB-alpha for detecting adversarial examples

Thank you for your interest in our paper:

Yingzhen Li and Yarin Gal

Dropout inference in Bayesian neural networks with alpha-divergences

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2017

Please consider citing the paper when any of the material is used for your research.

Contributions: Yarin wrote most of the functions in, and Yingzhen (me) derived the loss function and implemented the adversarial attack experiments.

how to use this code for your research

I've got quite a few emails on how to incorporate our method into their Keras code. Thus here I also provide a template file, and you can follow the comments inside to plugin your favourate model and dropout method.

template file:

repreducing the adversarial attack example

We also provide the adversarial attack detection codes. The attack implementation was adapted from the cleverhans toolbox (version 1.0), and I rewrote the targeted attack to make it an iterative method.

To reproduce the experiments, first train a model on mnist:

python K_mc alpha nb_layers nb_units p model_arch

with K_mc the number of MC samples for training, nb_layers the number of layers of the NN, nb_units the number of hidden units in each hidden layer, p the dropout rate (between 0 and 1), and model_arch = mlp or cnn

This will train a model on MNIST data for 500 iterations and save the model. Then to test the FGSM attack, run


and change the settings in that python file to pick a saved model for testing. If wanted to see targeted attack, run instead


Both files will produce a png file visualising the accuracy, predictive entropy, and some samples of the adversarial image (aligned with the x-axis in the plots).


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