Fast Butterfly Facotrization for Fourier Integral Operators
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Fast Butterfly Factorization for Fourier Integral Operators

This is also known as Interpolative Butterfly Factorization [1].

The current implementation supports any dimension Fourier integral operators with/without singularity at the origin.

Fourier integral operatiors without singularity could be solved via fastBF in the src folder, whereas the Fourier integral operators with singularity at the origin could be solved via either fastBF with polar transform or fastMBF. The former adopts fast butterfly factorization with the idea given in [2] and the later adopts the idea of multiscale domain decomposition [3] together with the interpolative butterfly factorization.

  1. The example for fastBF can be found in test/test_fastbf_1D and test/test_fastbf_2D,

  2. The example for fastBF with polar transform can be found in test/test_fastpbf_2D,

  3. The example for fastMBF can be found in test/test_fastmbf_2D.

More examples of special function transforms can be found in test folder as well.


[1] Y. Li and H. Yang. Interpolative Butterfly Factorization. Submitted. PDF

[2] E. Candes, L. Demanet and L. Ying. A fast butterfly algorithm for the computation of Fourier integral operators. SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation 7 (2009). PDF

[3] Y. Li, H. Yang, and L. Ying. Multidimensional butterfly factorization. Submitted. PDF