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Improve Live Migration(QEMU)

Masters branch contains the modified code while benchmark branch contains the origonal QEMU code that our work is based off of. migrate-improve-lmap is the working branch for our improvement feature.

QEMU folder contains all the code to build and install QEMU. VM folder contaions all the supporting scripts for running live migration and the script to run within the VM to benchmark migration performance.

There's videos that walks through cloning repo, building and installing QEMU and running benchmarks for live migration from start to finish.


The Default videos show building from the benchamrk branch which contains the unchanged QEMU build and the Custom videos show building from our modified code. x4 is the normal video speeded up 4 times.

The general step is as follows.

  1. Inside QEMU directory,
    • mkdir build
    • ../configure
    • make -j8
    • sudo make install
  2. Inside VM directory,
    • Modify ./ to mount a shared mount to ./mount that contains lubuntu.img
    • Run modified script to mount a share onto ./mount
    • Run ./ to start the VM
    • Run ./ to start another VM to wait
    • Run ./ inside the VM to simulate a workload
    • Do control+alt+2 to change to qemu console.
    • Run the command inside ./command on the qemu console to migrate the VM. Change IP address to something like for migrating to a waiting VM on the same machine.

note 1: you can do 'info migrate' within qemu console to find status of migration but will cause significant slowdown to migration progress

note 2: migration generally takes a minuet, but can take upwards of 5 minuets. Super high memory usage from ./ can cause infinite transfer time.

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