Terraform version switcher and Homebrew Casks for Terraform versions
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chtf - Terraform version switcher

This repository includes Homebrew Casks to install multiple Terraform versions (since 0.6.6) at the same time, and a chtf helper to specify which one to use. chtf also installs the specified version automatically if needed.


Tap this repository:

brew tap Yleisradio/terraforms

Install the chtf helper:

brew install chtf

Add the following to the ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file:

# Source chtf
if [[ -f /usr/local/share/chtf/chtf.sh ]]; then
    source "/usr/local/share/chtf/chtf.sh"

If you are using fish add the following into ~/.config/fish/config.fish:

# Source chtf
if test -f /usr/local/share/chtf/chtf.fish
    source /usr/local/share/chtf/chtf.fish

Then select the wanted Terraform version to use with chtf.

chtf 0.11.3

You can also just install a specific Terraform version (but you'll need to use chtf or adjust PATH yourself to use it):

brew cask install terraform-0.6.9


Idea and implementation heavily affected by chruby.