Generate OS/X "Shifting Tiles" style wallpapers
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Generate OS/X "Shifting Tiles" style wallpapers


TL;DR use a folder of images to generate something like this

On all my Mac's I have a folder of pictures, for the screensaver I used the tiled images option which generates a really nice scrolly thing with all the images on which I really like, but my desktop background is just a rotation of those same images.

Now having the images full size as my wallpaper is fine, but I'd much rather see multiple images in the same screen, so I threw together this quick project to generate those


For usage see the blog post


You can test the whole render process with

nosetests -v tests/

Or run the individual unit tests with

nosetests -v --exclude=test_fullProcess --with-coverage --cover-package=tilepaper

Known issues

  • Sometimes tiles have black spaces on them, because my grid algorithm is terrible - FIXED 0.1.4
  • Black line at right edge of some images (Rounding down bug?)

Unknown issues