OpenDigitalRadio Encoder Manager
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OpenDigitalRadio Encoder Manager is a tools to run and configure ODR Encoder easly with a WebGUI.


  • (root) Install requirement : apt install python-cherrypy3 python-jinja2 python-serial supervisor
  • (root) Add odr user to dialout group : usermod -a -G dialout odr
  • (root) Add odr user to audio group : usermod -a -G audio odr
  • (user) Got to odr user home : cd /home/odr/
  • (user) Clone git repository : git clone
  • (user) Rename sample config : mv /home/odr/ODR-EncoderManager/config.json.sample /home/odr/ODR-EncoderManager/config.json
  • (root) Make the symlink: ln -s /home/odr/ODR-EncoderManager/supervisor-encoder.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/odr-encoder.conf
  • (root) Make the symlink: ln -s /home/odr/ODR-EncoderManager/supervisor-gui.conf /etc/supervisor/conf.d/odr-gui.conf
  • (root) Edit /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf and add this section :
port = 9001
username = user ; Auth username
password = pass ; Auth password
  • (root) Restart supervisor : /etc/init.d/supervisor restart
  • (root) Start WEB server : supervisorctl reread; supervisorctl update ODR-encoderManager
  • Go to : http://<ip_address>:8080


  • You can edit global configuration, in particular path in this files :
    • config.json
    • supervisor-gui.conf
  • If you want to change supervisor XMLRPC login/password, you need to edit /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf and config.json files


  • To use the reboot api (/api/reboot), you need to allow odr user to run shutdown command by adding the line bellow at the end of /etc/sudoers file :
odr     ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown