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Yoast SEO

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Welcome to the Yoast SEO GitHub repository

While the documentation for the Yoast SEO plugin can be found on Yoast.com, here you can browse the source of the project, find and discuss open issues and even contribute yourself.


Here's a guide on how to install Yoast SEO in your WordPress site.

If you want to run the Git version for development though, you can set it up with Composer:

composer create-project yoast/wordpress-seo:dev-trunk --prefer-source --keep-vcs

Read more about using Composer with Yoast SEO.

This will download the latest development version of Yoast SEO. While this version is usually stable, it is not recommended for use in a production environment.


This is a developer's portal for Yoast SEO and should not be used for support. Please visit the support forums.

Reporting bugs

We try to fix as many bugs we can, this is a graph of our recent activity: Throughput Graph

If you find an issue, let us know here! Please follow how to write a good bug report? guidelines.

It may help us a lot if you can provide a backtrace of the error encountered. You can use code in this gist to enable the backtrace in your website's configuration.


Anyone is welcome to contribute to Yoast SEO. Please read the guidelines for contributing to this repository.

There are various ways you can contribute: