add compatibility with Codepress Admin Columns and tabify edit screen plugin's #1242

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with the last version, Yoast change the loading metabox position and column position.

Codepress Admin Columns
Author plugin : Jesper van Engelen

Tabify edit screen
Author plugin : Marko Heijnen

Could you help author to add fix permanently to resolve bug with 3rd plugins ?


jrfnl commented Jun 24, 2014

Eh.. no, we didn't ... at least not as far as I can see

Are you sure this is related to the version ? If not, pinpointing the version where it changed would help enormously to figure out what's causing the supposed conflict.

Also an actual (technical) description of the problem would help too.

sireneweb referenced this issue in markoheijnen/tabify-edit-screen Jun 25, 2014


add support with Yoast SEO 1.5.4 #32

i don't have enough information, it seems tabify edit screen plugin only show metaboxs if there are activated.

For Codepress Admin Columns all is resolved

Yes, the author said when the meta boxes are registered correctly his plugin will pick up the meta boxes.

It was like this for Wordpress SEO awhile back and then a fixed was made, but since recent updates of Wordpress SEO the fix doesn't even work anymore.

Here's is the FAQ with the fix that doesn't work anymore.

Here is a support thread with questions and replies


jrfnl commented Jun 25, 2014

@NoahjChampion We actually register the meta boxes properly, so I don't see the problem. And no, I'm not prepared to study other plugins to figure out their problems, so without actionable information I suggest we close this issue.

@markoheijnen have you got an idea what's going wrong ? If so, a clue would be helpful ;-) If we're doing something wrong I'd like to fix it, but I don't see what it would be at the moment.

i think we need to wait the answer from author before to close ticket :)


markoheijnen commented Jun 25, 2014

@jrfnl The plugin still doesn't do it right. There is a check around when the class WPSEO_Metabox gets loaded. So it's only loaded on the new/edit post page.

@jrfnl Ok. I'm not a coder so I don't have an idea of how a meta box could be registered wrong.

  • I do know this. The issue might be just something like this now, where with WPMUDev Google Analytics it seems just the time at which the meta box is registered wouldn't let Tabify pick it up. WPMUDev gave me a fix and it was just placing the register code a few lines up.

I'm sure @markoheijnen will come around to respond and help us out. It has been quite a time for this fix. I.... well there you go. He responded. Thanks.


jrfnl commented Jun 25, 2014


The plugin still doesn't do it right. There is a check around when the class WPSEO_Metabox gets loaded. So it's only loaded on the new/edit post page.

What's wrong with that ? It should only be loaded on those pages and it prevents an unnecessary file include on pages where the metabox is not needed. I don't see what's 'not right' about that.

I suppose your plugin is causing metaboxes to load on pages where they normally wouldn't be which is why the WPSEO ones aren't being picked up.

So solution time: what if I add a filter to the conditional which will allow you to send a __return_true allowing the metaboxes to load for the users of your plugin ? I kind of think that would solve it, wouldn't it ? If you agree, I'll implement it.


markoheijnen commented Jun 29, 2014

@jrfnl I don't load the metaboxes, I only want to know that they exists. The reason why I say it's wrong is because the expectation that nothing change. WordPress can at one point want to load the metabox somewhere else or want to know they exists.

I'm fine with that solution.


jrfnl commented Jun 29, 2014

@markoheijnen Okidoki, done! PR #1275 adds the new filter wpseo_always_load_metaboxes_on_admin, just send a __return_true to that and it should be fine.

If everyone is ok with that, I suggest closing this issue in favour of the pull request.


jrfnl commented Jun 29, 2014

Ahum.. sorry for the confusion, but I've just rename the filter to wpseo_always_register_metaboxes_on_admin which seems more appropriate.


jrfnl commented Jun 29, 2014

Oh and one more thing: the filter has to be registered before plugins_loaded prio 15, as that's when the function which registers the WPSEO metaboxes is run.

Good news :)

jrfnl closed this Jun 30, 2014

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