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Focus keyword is not recognized in Chinese because there are no spaces between words #145

kendraschaefer opened this Issue · 5 comments

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In the Chinese (and Japanese) languages, there are no spaces between words. So, if a focus keyword is written as part of a sentence in the content, or the middle of a longer title, it is not recognized by the plugin. In order to be recognized, it either has to be on a line by itself, or you have to place a space immediately before and after it, which looks very strange to native Chinese / Japanese readers.

To reproduce, set this as your focus keyword:


(Meaning: My friend)

Then set this as your title / place in content / url:


(Meaning: My friend is named XiaoWang)


@kendraschaefer Could you please provide me with a number of short sample texts + keywords + expected keyword count for testing purposes ?


@kendraschaefer Thanks for that. I don't have a solution at the moment, but will keep this in the back of my mind. You are of course correct in saying that the spaces are part of the issue, though there is more to it with ideograph based languages.


I got the same problem with Polish language. I updated to latest 1.5.5 but it doesn't work. If keyword contain polish letters like ążółńć it doesn't count density....
I hope somebody will fix it finally because it doesn't work from 1.4.5-8 version I think... so its long time bug....



I have the same problem in Japanese. I hope this would be solved soon. It's a shame that we are missing the chance to use the great function. It's is sad to keep being told that your SEO is poor... even the title and article contains keywords...

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