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Ether Content Builder is one of the best tools for content building for WordPress
Yoast SEO does not apply the_content filter on post content before extracting data such as metatags from it rendering ether builder content not visible.
Please resolve it


jrfnl commented Dec 26, 2013

Sorry, this will not be changed. There are too many plugins out there who are doing things wrong, applying the the_content filter in another place than where it is meant to be used therefore breaks lots and lots of websites.

@jrfnl jrfnl closed this Dec 26, 2013

@jrfnl I realized this is an older issue, but I might ask for reconsideration now that some time has passed. This was the only thread I saw on the topic, so figured I'd write about it here instead of posting a new thread. If there is already another thread regarding this issue, my apologies.

This isn't an endorsement for the particular plugin requested by @grigione, but for the_content support in general. Saying "There are too many plugins out there who are doing things wrong" doesn't seem like a legitimate excuse not to implement it.

You could say that about a lot of things in life:

  • Too many people make cakes poorly, so no one should ever eat cake.
  • Too many people drop out of high school, so pay no attention to anyone who went to high school at all.
  • Too many people go to prison, so let's treat every one as a convict.

Just because people use something poorly (and yes I know this happens WAY too frequently with the_content), doesn't mean it's not a valid concern.

The goal of an SEO plugin should be to help you analyze and optimize page content, not arbitrarily decide which WordPress features you do or do not think are good.

There are many legitimate uses for the_content, and legitimate developers will limit the amount of calls that are made to the the_content filter in their sites, and restrict the number of arbitrary plugins they use along side their website.

Here's an example of when it might be useful:

the_content is based on a paradigm where there is only a single content box that manages the entire contents of a page, but what if you want multiple content boxes? This helps with dealing with instances where you don't want content editors dealing with any sort of HTML at all, because they will invariably break it. By using multiple content boxes, you can ask people for separate sets of data in separate fields. Then using the_content filter allows you to create and merge these custom fields into the actual page content, so that RSS feeds and other components will see it.

Now I do know that the wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content() hook allows you to hook in additional data for analysis as well, so I suppose this is an adequate solution, but it just seems like the reasoning for not implemented the requested solution, is based on flawed logic.

My proposal would not be to make it a default feature, but rather a feature you could toggle on and off. Default it as off, and even put a disclaimer in bold red letters saying, "relying on the_content filter may cause severe performance issues. We strongly advise against using this". You can still advise people against it, but give people who need this kind of feature what they want.

But if you do decide to continue to not support it, maybe change your reasoning from "Too many bad people do bad things with it" to "We just don't consider this to be a priority for our users as many work-around solutions already exist, such as using the wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content() hook".

That at least more clearly indicates what your plugin goals are, or are not, and also points users in the right direction in finding a solution for their problem.

That's just my two cents.



jrfnl commented Mar 26, 2015

David, thanks for your lengthy diatribe. Responding to the wording of a comment from 2013 is kind of pointless. Time has passed, people evolved. You are not contributing anything here.

All the same, I can't resist, so here are some points for you to consider:

  1. This is not my plugin, I contribute to it.
  2. This plugin is used on millions of websites. Adding a very debatable "feature" which will break 80% of those websites - if not more - is just plain bad practice. (and bad for business)
  3. The code has actually been in the plugin for about a day at some point and this rightfully got reversed ASAP with good reason as millions of websites broke. If you'd searched the issue database a little better, you would have found a lot more issues demonstrating this.
  4. Yes, there is a filter available which will allow themes/plugins to hook in and do something like it anyway. If people want to develop funky plugins/themes - diverting from normal WP use -, it's their responsibility to make their plugin/theme compatible with other plugins. Not the other way around. Developers who actually know what they are doing will have no problem doing that.
  5. The reality still is that 95% of plugin/theme developers don't know what the heck they are doing and are doing it wrong. It is not the task of this plugin to educate people about this. This is not an excuse at all. It's a reason and a very valid one at that.
  6. You're comparisons completely fail to get the point. It's more like:
    • Too many people make cakes poorly, so let's not add a bottle of arsenic to a good cake and tell people they can add it to the cake to make it crap too, even with a warning that it will be dangerous to do so.
    • Too many people drop out of high school, so let's keep offering the people who did graduate a good cake where they can add sprinkles to, without making the cake inedible for everyone else.
    • Too many people go to prison, so let's have some guards to keep them there and protect the unknowing public, rather than encourage the public to let the prisoners out to commit more crimes and then say it's not our fault, you should have read the warning sign when the public is outraged at being beated up, raped or murdered.
  7. The goal of this plugin is to help bloggers improve their SEO, not to break people's websites.

I didn't mean for this to come across as a "diatribe" or start an argument. I was just stating my opinion as to why it would be beneficial, and I think that does contribute to the conversation.

And you're right, I apparently didn't do enough googling to find out this was attempted at some point and broke things. This old thread is where my google search brought me, because I was looking for a solution to the problem. That's why I apologized at the beginning of my last message, because I wasn't sure if this was discussed elsewhere. Yes I did look, but my google-fu failed me in this particular case. I did happen across the other solution while doing it, and that will work in my context.

I just proposed reconsidering it, because for the 5% of us who do know what we're doing, it be nice if we didn't have to reinvent the wheel every time we need something like this.

I was trying to be as respectful as I could while presenting an alternate opinion. It was by no means meant to be any sort of personal attack against you. I was just trying to illustrate that it could be beneficial to revisit the issue and if not provide further clarification for people that it's not a priority, because if I ended up googling this issue and wound up here, chances are other people might as well.

But once again, by no means did I mean to seem like I was attacking you or anything. I was just voicing an opinion. But we can agree to disagree.


jrfnl commented Mar 26, 2015

No worries, I didn't take your comment personally nor as an attack. I did get the impression that you'd not thought things through properly and that you didn't understand the original argument I made, which is why I gave you those points to (re)consider.

At this moment, AFAIK, the issue is not on the agenda for reconsideration for this plugin and I, for one, will definitely not suggest it to be added to the agenda.

For those 5% out there who do know what they're doing, there is the filter and these knowledge base articles:

Hi Guys! I use Yoast SEO Premium and also Ether Content Builder that make my article looks really nice, but they are not readable for SEO. Do you guys know a way to make this work?

Thank you very much!

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