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The keyword density is 0%, which is a bit low, the keyword was found 3 times.

Did you know that does not work with Cyrillic. Work only with English speaking words. Is it a bug or my turn now superfluous.

jdevalk commented Feb 23, 2014

Renamed the issue to better reflect the contents. You're right, this is a bug. Could you show me what you had as focus keyword and a couple of sentences that you'd expect the plugin to match?

All the words that I use as a key concern problem. That shtam bug - 100% all
concerned Cyrillic alphabets or at least our - from Bulgaria.

jrfnl commented Feb 27, 2014

@zoomaniak Could you provide me with a couple of mini-texts and keywords for testing purposes ?

Аз искам да кажа, че този плъгин е велик. Не разбирам много, но според мен
е на 1 място. Това е тестов текст за да видите дали при вас има този
проблем, който потвърдихте, че е проблем. При мен е от над 1 година. Чудя
се обаче защо чак сега намерих време и време да се свържа с вас. Успехи.
Отивам да работя. И прилагам превод на текста ми през гугъл преводача, чрез
който комуникирам с вас :)

I want to say that this plugin is great. I do not understand much, but I
think it is one place. This is a test text to see whether you have this
problem, which confirmed the problem. For me it is more than 1 year. I
wonder, however, why only now found time and time to contact you. Success.
I'm going to work. And applies the translation of the text in my google
translator by which communicate with you :)

jrfnl commented Mar 2, 2014

@zoomaniak I've tested your text with вас as keyword in WPSEO 1.5-beta with WP 3.8.1 and find no problems. I don't believe we changed anything particular about the keyword density calculation in v1.5, but it does look solved to me there.

Would you be willing to test this yourself ? You can download the v1.5 branch here in GitHub. Please do make a backup of the database before testing and don't test in a production/live environment.


When will drop v1.5 - not to take unnecessary risks. If your tests show
that the solution is available in version v1.5 - do not you think it's best
to wait for the release of version v1.5 - officially on your part.

jrfnl commented Mar 2, 2014

V1.5 should come out officially within the next few weeks.

@jrfnl jrfnl closed this Mar 2, 2014
jrfnl commented Mar 4, 2014

Based on the sample texts I received here and in some related issues, I have made some small improvements to the keyword density calculation for non-latin, non-ideograph based languages by means of commit 97d0973.
Hopefully that will yield more consistent results. The changes are included in the the v1.5 branch. You will need to re-download the branch if you want to test the changes.

Related issues: #703, #681, #349, #264 and #145.

It reported incorrectly --- /No outbound links appear in this page,
consider adding some as appropriate/

jrfnl commented Mar 16, 2014

@zoomaniak That's another issue and that's been fixed already. The fix will be included in the next minor release (v1.5.2.3).

jdevalk commented Mar 16, 2014

It'll actually be 1.5.3 as we did API changes ;)

@seripap seripap pushed a commit to seripap/wordpress-seo that referenced this issue Nov 19, 2015
@terw-dan terw-dan Fixes #264, #681, #1236, #915, #1103 and #613
The keyword density is now checked with a regex so it matches nog latin-chars. Also the diacritics are replaced on the keyword so they match with the text that has the diacritics replaced.
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