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Double message when adding Facebook admin #743

steverep opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I had issues with 1.4.25 where my server threw an error when I tried to add a Facebook admin. After updating to 1.5.0, it now seems to work but I get multiple messages saying "Successfully added...". This happens even after hitting the "Clear all Facebook data" button.


Could you please add a screenshot to illustrate ?


I've seen it too, not able to replicate now, but it's weird when I look at the code :)


I'd rather not show a screenshot just for privacy reasons, but it's really pretty simple - I just see the same message twice at the top of screen. So if this is only happening for me, then putting my logic gloves on tells me it's got something to do with a very special set of circumstances. My random 2 cents having never looked at the code:

(1) Something in the plugin wasn't cleared from the server errors I was getting in 1.4. Can I do this manually somehow? (w/o resetting everything preferably)
(2) My new facebook page not having Insights enabled yet playing a role
(3) My site forcing SSL admin but not the rest of the site playing a role

I see nothing in the browser console that offers any clue.

@jrfnl jrfnl referenced this issue from a commit in jrfnl/wordpress-seo
@jrfnl jrfnl Fixes issue #743 - duplicate feedback messages on social page 8806be3

I've found & fixed it - see PR #819.

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