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Failed to retrieve your apps from Facebook #812

kevinlisota opened this Issue · 13 comments

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I am using WP 3.8.1 and Wordpress SEO I cannot get the "Use a Facebook App as Admin" to work. It throws two error boxes that say "Failed to retrieve your apps from Facebook"

I tested my FB account at, and it correctly retrieves all of my FB apps.

I can see in the redirected URL a section with a URLencoded JSON string that shows all of my apps and appIDs. The SEO plugin seems unable to parse this correctly.

I don't know if you are working on a fix, but in the interim, is there a manual URL that I can use to set the appID. Or maybe just let us know where to jam the appID into the DB? We cannot use a FB admin because of analytics tracking tied to the app.


I can see in the redirected URL a section with a URLencoded JSON string that shows all of my apps and appIDs. The SEO plugin seems unable to parse this correctly.

Would you be willing to share the redirected URL with me ? It would help to determine where the error is.

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@jrfnl jrfnl Fixed Facebook Apps not being saved - issue #812 afc20ba

@kevinlisota Hi Kevin, thank you for sending me the url! I believe I have fixed this now and have send in pull request #821 which contains the fixes.
Sorry about this being buggy, but I myself don't use FB, so don't have access to test data and none of the testers reported the issue during the test phase.

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I also asked for example URLs in the WP forum thread about the same issue. After the release which included the fix I received a set from Paul.

Putting our mail exchange here for reference.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for this. Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce the issue. Both URL's add the apps when I try them on my test install.

Based on your 'This is the URL after choosing an App from the dropdown list' URL, I did identify another potential issue - the URL not being cleaned after the variables are used - and I am sending in a fix for that.

Depending on whether or not the addition of the apps to your settings worked, you should see either one of the below messages:
on success: - 'Successfully retrieved your apps from Facebook, now select an app to use as admin.'
on error: - 'Failed to retrieve your apps from Facebook.'

It's strange that the error message would not display.

Would you be willing to test some things for me ? You'd need to set WP_DEBUG to true or add the special 'WPSEO_DEBUG' constant and set that to true. If you do that, you will see a 'Debug information' panel at the bottom of each of the WPSEO settings pages with the settings as they are saved.

I'd be interested to see what you get for the non-working website at various stages.

You may also want to turn on error logging and a backtrace (instructions on how to do this). WP_DEBUG doesn't actually show all errors and I'd be interested to see if any errors would be logged if you use error logging.


On 20-3-2014 9:20, Paul Cass wrote:

Hi jrf,
Here is the the response URL (of what I think is the repsonse URL) when I try to add a Facebook App as Admin.

  1. Example of a working website...
    This is the URL after I click the 'Use a Facebook APP as Admin' button.
    <snip - removed for privacy reasons>
    This is the URL after choosing an App from the dropdown list.
    <snip - removed for privacy reasons>

  2. Example of a non working website...
    <snip - removed for privacy reasons>
    Basically nothing happens when it doesn't work, the page just refreshes.
    Hope this helps




Just to let you know I got it working by simply exporting the settings and then importing them again. This worked for all my installs. For some reason even on brand new WordPress installations with no content and changing no settings whatsoever in the SEO plugin the 'Use Facebook App as Admin' button did not work until I did this. I'm happy I can get it to work but any ideas why this would happen?


@paulca55 Just checking: now you've got it working, does the 'Update Facebook Apps' button work for you now as well ? (you might need to add/remove an app temporarily to test whether it's really updating)


@jrfnl I've deleted one of my apps and yes the button seems to work just fine.


@paulca55 Thanks for testing & confirming. Will leave this issue closed for now until we get other reports that there would still be issues with this.


Hello all, I just installed the latest update and have this issue as well. I did as paulca55 said with exporting and importing the settings and still says Failed to retrieve .........

Any ideas on how to get this working??




@matrixwd Would you be willing to share the response URL you get please ?


Sorry for the delayed response work is overwhelming the bit after clicking "use a facebook app as admin" is /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpseo_social&key=9a25ef284074be5c9aeccefce07d192a&apps={}#=

Then it displays Failed to retrieve your apps from Facebook.

Thanks for your time.


@matrixwd Looks like Facebook isn't giving any data back or a rule in your .htaccess file might be stripping the result from the url.


@jrfnl Can I email you with the debug code info? My email is emurph78 at gmail
Please no one else use this email.



@matrixwd What do you mean by debug code info ?

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