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salmon.js is a flexible and configurable Javascript framework. Built on Node.js, for building next generation client-side apps, fast.
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The framework is currently in active development and should be considered somewhere between an alpha and beta depending on what you use it for. Most of the api is stable, tests are being added, but there are still some features planned before releasing a fully functional v1.0.0 and it's evolving in sync with the suite of highfin build and deploy tools.

Salmon - Lightning Fast Overview

Salmon is a thick-client javascript framework backed by a razor-thin node.js server. Designed to help you build apps the way you want, faster than you could without it. Salmon aims to strike a better balance between speed, ease of reasoning, beautiful code, rich feature set, and automation while maintaining a certain degree of flexibility.

hello world

to get started

$node salmon

then visit in your browser


we're concurrently developing the guppy tool, which uses the -.json (dashConfig) file for dev tasks eg: re-running your app on file change, compiling less, running tests, etc. and deployment tasks, setting up multi-server or single-server CD boxes, pushing changes to those boxes, etc.

visit for more info

or see the frybox repo which gives you a Vagrant basebox with the latest guppy already installed and configured

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