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update of the zha component
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Yoda-x Fix battery (#86)
* created prepare function for cluster handlers to initialize/clusters in a cluster specific function
moving cluster specifc funtions away from generic code
fixing battery remainingg_level/voltage/type detection
some cleanup of duplicate code in different places

* changed order for restore

* add server_groups again

* adding to other types also prepare function for cluster handlers
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custom_components Fix battery (#86) Jun 3, 2019
.gitignore remove unused code Feb 9, 2018 Update Feb 20, 2019 added creates a dot file which shows the topology of t… Sep 8, 2018

Never ever open the zha integration under configuration, this overwrites my bellows/zigpy

Incompatible with mainstream zigpy/bellows

quirks code in mainstream zigpy breaks compatiblilty with zha_new, please use my versions With the patch from estevez-dev my zigpy and bellows should be loaded automatic


  • initial lightlink support to read out group id from remotes and controllers
  • bugfixes
  • additional device types for lights


new master release, please update to hass >84.1

  • restore states from history after restart
  • more devices
  • improved stability
  • rewrote light handler, read max/min mireds from bulb if posible, get state reports from bulbs, powered-on bulbs get detected asap. -much more
  • new controller frame statistics


see wiki for tips

Breaking update

switched from old bellows to zigpy/zigpy and zigpy/bellows Most of my needed changes are in the original zigpy distro. I will create PR´s for the others. For newer features or to be save use my bellows&zigpy fork.

update of the zha component

based on the work from rcloran and others Converted to a custom_component for an easier way to test and distribute to others without changing the homeassistant code. Should be forked back to the HA codeafter testing.


  • tested for tradfri dimmer and remotes
  • created a virtual device with On/Off, Level, Scenes(also a kind of Level for colortemp)
  • sends events upstream to HASS for scripting
    • event data
      • 'entity_id': self._entity.entity_id
      • 'channel': OnOff, Level or Scenes, it is the cluster name where a command comes in
      • 'command': the incoming comand name, eg : on,off,toggle,move, move_with_on_of...
      • 'up_down': 1 or -1 for increase descrease
      • 'step': how much up or down


  • metering/on-off support for sitecom WLE-1000 plugs with reporting
  • Aquara Water sensors as binary-sensors
  • add RSSI/LQI information in entity attributes
  • added zha_new object to monitor some parameters, which is helpful to see whats going on during pairing
    • device left
    • permit enabled
    • device joined
    • device init - settting up device in hass
    • run - normal operations

tested devices

  • xiaomi and aquara sensors
  • tradfri bulbs
  • tradfri dimmer

loadable device handler

create your own device handlers for unsupported devices, see files under custom_components/devices

use master-pre-0,61 branch for HA <= 0.60 and master- >= 0.63

pre 0.61 code - no updates


  • detect returning endpoints and update state ( mainly for bulbs), needs endpoint 0 (zdo) enabled in zha Ha component

##USAGE: check out inside your $home/.homeassistant/ directory, code needs to be in custom_component

configuration example: tradfri bulbs and dimmer need to use the template definition, xiaome sensors gets autodetected

#my current zha config with xiaomi sensors and tradfri bulbs
    usb_path: /dev/ttyUSB0
    database_path: /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/zigbee.db
# tradfri dimmer
      template: tradfri_dimmer
# tradfri dimmable bulbs
      template: TRADFRI_bulb
      template: TRADFRI_bulb


1/8 dev-loader branch merged into master ->added support for:

  • tradfri dimmable bulbs, not tested for the temperature bulbs, but maybe working
  • loadable device handler modules in custom_components/device/
    • to parse attribute reports
    • to initalize endpoint based on model name
  • template support, templates in device directoy
  • auto detect xiaomi sensors, tested with the xiaomi original sensors, aqara work, but some attributes are not correct ->TODO
  • added pressure sensor, works for Aqara weather sensor -> TODO: need to separate original xiaomi and aquare templates

Master branch

  • device specific modules, get loaded based on model
  • xiaomi battery and other attributes
  • working Xiaomi Door/windows sensor as binary_sensor with state updates inside HA
  • working Xiaomi HT sensors inside HA
  • use in_cluster and out_cluster to override predefined cluster_profile from bellows, that not match non_standard devices
  • configure reporting inside configuration.yaml
  • working original xiaomi motion sensor, clear detection after 20 sec, as sensor only send detection reports, but no "clear" reports
  • if a device leaves, the device gets removed from the database. Thus, you can unpair and pair a device now, without need to clear the database
  • see the zha.yaml file for configuration
  • it will create a base entity and a entity for each sensor(motion, temp, humidity, on/off)
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