v1.9.2 Release

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Aug 24, 2016 · 2 commits to master since this release

Fixes bug with registration and PM text box clearing on mobile.


MVCForum v1.9.1

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Aug 17, 2016 · 4 commits to master since this release

Addresses a couple of bugs in v1.9 and adds in better spam prevention to stop bots flooding the forum with 100's posts.

Make sure you update/merge your forum.config settings. There are a number of new additions which will need adding to your site if you upgrade


MVCForum v1.9 Release

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Aug 8, 2016 · 8 commits to master since this release

The main focus of this release was to remove the second level EF caching plugin, as it actually had a negative effect in certain situations.

I have added a new request cache and refactored a bit here and there, and that has been added into all services and has improved the general performance of the forum. I have also addressed a number of bugs/issues that have been reported over the past few months.


MVCForum v1.8 Release

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Feb 1, 2016 · 19 commits to master since this release

This version comes with a number of breaking changes, when I started it wasn't my intention to do so - But after a review and consulting the community it seems people were happy for the change to take place.

New Features & Improvements

  • Completely Removed Repository Layer
  • Uses VS2015 / C# 6
  • New forum.config in App_Data for easier customisation without source
  • Move Post
  • Reply To Post
  • Disable Standard Registration
  • Set Amount of points before user is allowed to edit profile
  • Moved Approve Posts/Topics to front end
  • Absolute TON of other small features and bug fixes


Removing the Repository layer caused some unforeseen issues with the Enity Framework migrations. Basically it broke them for people upgrading from v1.7 to 1.8!!

So, for people upgrading from v1.7 to v1.8 you will need to manually do the following to any database/project you want to upgrade.

Open up the package manager console and type in the following, if you have a fork make sure MVCForum.Services project is selected in the dropdown

Add-Migration Initial -IgnoreChanges

Then you need to run the supplied SQL script to update the missing fields/table. Then Rebuild and run, and it should be back to normal and migrations will be working again.


You will need to move/update your appsettings from the web.config to the forum.config in the App_Data folder as this is where ALL settings and future configurable types/services will be.


MVCForum 1.7 Release

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Sep 16, 2015 · 99 commits to master since this release

This is a huge release for me, a lot of days/months worth of work. There are breaking changes from v1.6 to v1.7 which include moving to Entity Framework Migrations.

Don't forget to visit the support forum if you have questions or queries


List of changes

  • Overall Improved Performance/Speed
  • Fixed a TON of long standing bugs
  • Updated missing language strings
  • Improved Permissions
  • Added Caching per role for side widgets
  • Scrub Member now works properly
  • Changed all base urls
  • Updated Nuget dependencies to latest versions
  • Moved to Entity Framework Code First Migrations
  • Removed the need for the old installer
  • Added new Auto Nuget package creator
  • Updated CachingService (Not full used yet)
  • Show amount of votes next to poll
  • Close poll after X days feature
  • Tested and working in SQLCE
  • Added OpenGraph and Twitter meta tags
  • Updated default Metro theme (Inc Mobile)
  • Moved styles to SCSS
  • Added new Badges
  • Added Microsoft Social Login
  • Updated Badge Icons
  • Completely re-vamped Admin section
  • Custom TinyMCE upload and insert images inline editor
  • Custom Global Permission for added images inline
  • Re-jigged create topic page
  • Custom Header / Footer scripts (Can now add custom scripts / styles directly from admin)
  • Added new Events
  • Single Sign On example concept
  • Auto complete on Tags and ability to move topics between tags
  • Admins can mark any post as solution
  • Can now undo a like/dislike (Vote up/Vote Down)
  • Reworked points to be more robust and associate data on where the points came from
  • Mark as solution reminder - Runs on a Task and reminds people via email
  • Reworked forgot password completely to be token/guid based
  • Private messages re-vamped and slide out in side panel
  • Block problem users from messaging you
  • Batch Delete Old Private Messages
  • Category level hierarchy added
  • Online status for people online
  • Improved Search
  • Auto Html fixing for posts and topics
  • Edited Posts / Topics in moderated Category need to be authorised
  • Updated Akisment to mark potential spam as pending, and not just delete
  • Added PM and post body into email notification
  • Allow users to disable email notifications
  • Fixed Facebook and Google logins
  • Added Emoticons (Smilies)
  • New Ban Member Option


MVCForum v1.7 Beta

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Sep 7, 2015 · 136 commits to master since this release

Beta release for 1.7 of MVCForum, ton of changes which I'll list out in the main release. Look for people to test out both the standard install and the Nuget package.

To install you just need to open web.config and update connection string to point to your database (Or for SQLCE, just comment out the SQL connection string and uncomment the SQLCE)

Nuget, you'll need to unzip and put the nuget package in a local folder that your Visual Studio knows, you can then install via local Nuget package.


MVCForum v1.6

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Feb 12, 2015 · 229 commits to master since this release

This version has a lot of breaking changes from previous versions and a ton of new features and fixes.

  • New responsive base theme (Running on latest bootstrap)
  • New responsive admin theme
  • Category colours and image uploads
  • Favourites
  • Global Permissions (Not just restricted to a category)
  • Complete new email sending system (Running on a task)
  • Constants moved to AppSettings
  • Spam stop words
  • Auto embedding for YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram
  • DotNetAuth removed and SkyBrud social added for easier social logins
  • Private Messages revamped to be more like whatsapp style messaging
  • Localisation for Badges and new badges added
  • Removed fixed Moderator role (No longer needed now we have Global permissions)
  • Scrub Spammer feature (Clears everything on a user, posts, profile, points etc....)
  • Create topic now dynamic and checks permissions
  • Attach files on create topic
  • TinyMce now default editor with a custom skin
  • Removed Lucene completely (May return in later versions)
  • Revamped the search to work better and display posts
  • Updated to latest MVC and other dependencies from Nuget
  • Removed lots of legacy code and projects which were no longer used
  • LOADS of bug and minor fixes


MVCForum v1.6 Beta

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Feb 5, 2015 · 235 commits to master since this release

Be warned this release has a lot of changes, some of them breaking. I've put a lot of time into this version, trying to clean things up and add in more useful features.

I'll try and pull out from my Trello board all the changes and features I've added on final release. You can see a lot of them at our own support forum http://chat.mvcforum.com


MVCForum v1.5

@YodasMyDad YodasMyDad released this Jun 5, 2014 · 301 commits to master since this release

  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Upgraded to MVC5 and EF6.1
  • New second level caching provider
  • Moderate Topics & Posts (Optional)
  • Updated editors (TinyMCE, Markdown, BBCode) and made it easier to swap them
  • Screenr Embedding into posts
  • Sent and received messages now seperate
  • All Repos, Services, Models, Interfaces, ViewModels made partial for easier extending
  • Install SQL changed to work on Azure
  • Installer updated to make it more robust and more useful error messages
  • Category Page Title, Meta Description and HTML Editor for description added
  • Points awarded for badges
  • Language Selector (Change front end language)
  • Badges split into own badges/dll's - So you can remove specific badges
  • 3 new badges added (The Grough, Padawan, Thousand Pointer)
  • Breadcrumb Navigation and Category Paths added
  • Updated Category admin page to make it easier to use
  • Page Title & Meta Description added to Forum home page
  • Quote button added
  • OG Meta tags / Twitter card tags added
  • Optional show latest posts OR/And full category list on home page (Just uncomment)
  • Members can now upload new Avatars instead of just using Gravatar
  • Views are now bundled with Themes, no more default views
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Two language packs added (German & Persian)
  • Updated social sharing buttons on topics