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Notes on using Yoe on the Raspberry PI


BSP Layer documentation

Building/installing an image

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd yoe-distro
  3. .
  4. yoe_setup
  5. bitbake yoe-simple-image
  6. insert SD card
  7. lsblk (note sd card device, and substitute for /dev/sdX below)
  8. yoe_install_image /dev/sdX yoe-simple-image
  9. optional: configure console for serial port (see below)
  10. sudo eject /dev/sdX
  11. Install SD card in a Raspberry PI and enjoy your new image

Other Raspberry Pi variants can be built by sourcing the appropriate envsetup file.

Enable serial console

The serial console for the rPI3 can be enabled by adding ENABLE_UART = "1" to local.conf. This is currently done in local.conf, but has tradeoffs as described in the BSP layer documentation.

Connecting to rPI serial console

The Raspberry PI serial console is avaiable on the expansion header. A USB->serial cable with flying leads is a convenient way to connect to this. FTDI (as well as many other companies supply these cables). The below image shows how the FTDI cable is connected:

rPI serial console

The relevant signals are:

  • FTDI Black (GND) <-> rPI Pin 6 (GND)
  • FTDI Yellow (RXD) <- rPI Pin8 (TXD)
  • FTDI Orange (TXD) -> rPI Pin10 (RXD)

See the schematics for more information.

rPI Power Supply

Some of the Raspberry PI products seem to be sensitive to power quality. It is recommended to use a supply that outputs 5.1V such as the official supply. An inadequate supply may result in lockups or SD card file system corruption.

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