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Yoe Profile


The Yoe Distribution makes it easy to select the libc, init, and graphics subsystem for your project. To select a profile, set YOE_PROFILE in conf/site.conf equal to one of the following:

  • yoe-glibc-busyboxinit-eglfs
  • yoe-glibc-busyboxinit-wayland
  • yoe-glibc-busyboxinit-x11
  • yoe-glibc-systemd-eglfs
  • yoe-glibc-systemd-wayland
  • yoe-glibc-systemd-x11
  • yoe-glibc-sysvinit-eglfs
  • yoe-glibc-sysvinit-wayland
  • yoe-glibc-sysvinit-x11
  • yoe-musl-busyboxinit-eglfs
  • yoe-musl-busyboxinit-wayland
  • yoe-musl-busyboxinit-x11
  • yoe-musl-systemd-eglfs
  • yoe-musl-systemd-wayland
  • yoe-musl-systemd-x11
  • yoe-musl-sysvinit-eglfs
  • yoe-musl-sysvinit-wayland
  • yoe-musl-sysvinit-x11

These profiles are provided for convenience. You can manually configure these options as well -- use the files in the yoe conf directory for reference.

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