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Update layers #173

merged 2 commits into from May 10, 2019


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commented May 10, 2019

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kraj added some commits May 9, 2019

Layer Updates: sources/meta-freescale sources/meta-ti sources/openemb…

* sources/meta-freescale a2f54239...4d53f874 (1):
  > split by any number of whitespaces

* sources/meta-ti 29219faf...db08a45c (7):
  > arm-trusted-firmare: sign ATF image for am65xx HS
  > recipes: convert existing uses of am65xx-evm to am65xx SOC family
  > conf/machine: introduce am65xx SOC family and new am65xx-hs-evm
  > arm-trusted-firmware: update to ti2019.01-rc3 tag
  > linux-ti-staging: update to ti2019.01-rc3 tag
  > u-boot-ti-staging: update to ti2019.01-rc3 tag
  > ti-sgx-ddk-km: bump SRCREV to pick up toolchain enhancement

* sources/openembedded-core 07bc5a5367...728c6c43de (24):
  > coreutils: Fix patch upstream status field
  > target-sdk-provides-dummy: resolve sstate conflict
  > python3: fix do_install fail for parallel buiild
  > systemd: Backport patch to fix build with gcc9
  > bitbake.conf: use https instead of http
  > wpa-supplicant: update to 2.8
  > msmtp: update to 1.8.4
  > mtools: update to 4.0.23
  > coreutils: update to 8.31
  > kmscube: update to latest revision
  > sqlite3: update to 3.28.0
  > libxcb: remove workaround patch for a bug that was fixed in gcc 5 in 2015
  > cogl: remove -Werror=maybe-uninitialized workaround
  > cogl: upgrade 1.22.2 -> 1.22.4
  > mmc-utils: update to the latest upstream code
  > resulttool: Add option to dump all ptest logs
  > bison: upgrade 3.0.4 -> 3.1
  > socat: upgrade ->
  > grub: Use -Wno-error instead of doing this on a per-warning basis
  > gnu-efi: Remove support patch for gcc < 4.7
  > scripts/pybootchart/draw: Fix some bounding problems
  > scripts/pybootchart/draw: Clarify some variable names
  > scripts/pybootchart: Port to python3
  > scripts/pybootchart: Fix mixed indentation

Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <>
Layer Updates: sources/meta-browser sources/meta-freescale sources/me…
…ta-qcom sources/openembedded-core

* sources/meta-browser cd88d7b...1f363e2 (1):
  > chromium: Update to 74.0.3729.131

* sources/meta-freescale 4d53f874...3dc8f2fe (1):
  > imx-base: make sure sha384sum is available for all i.MX 8 variants

* sources/meta-qcom 9aa3565...70703d8 (2):
  > meta-qcom: Add kernel for DB845c
  > conf/machine: Add initial machine definitions for db845c

* sources/openembedded-core 728c6c43de...244f2e5fb5 (17):
  > icu: Added armeb support.
  > systemd: move "machines" symlinks to systemd-container
  > systemd: Use PACKAGECONFIG definition to depend on libnss-myhostname
  > shadow: Backport last change reproducibility
  > uboot-sign: Fix u-boot-nodtb symlinks
  > patch: add minver and maxver parameters
  > gdb: Fix aarch64 build with musl
  > perl: update to 5.28.2
  > meson: update to 0.50.1
  > oeqa/sdk: use bash to execute SDK test commands
  > systemd: Restore mask and preset targets, fix instance creation
  > systemd-systemctl: Restore support for enable command
  > systemd: Default to non-stateless images
  > sysstat: inherit upstream-version-is-even
  > oeqa/core/runner: Handle unexpectedSucesses
  > meta/lib+scripts: Convert to SPDX license headers
  > oeqa: Drop OETestID

Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <>

@cbrake cbrake merged commit d190768 into master May 10, 2019

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