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/* Useful fonts with fallback */
$helvetica: "helvetica neue", arial, helvetica, freesans,
"liberation sans", "numbus sans l", sans-serif;
$geneva: geneva, tahoma, "dejavu sans condensed",
$lucida: "lucida grande", "lucida sans unicode",
"lucida sans", lucida, sans-serif;
$verdana: verdana, "bitstream vera sans", "dejavu sans",
"liberation sans", geneva, sans-serif;
$cambria: cambria, georgia, "bitstream charter",
"century schoolbook l", "liberation serif", times,
$palatino: "palatino linotype", palatino, palladio,
"urw palladio l", "book antiqua",
"liberation serif", times, serif;
$times: times, "times new roman", "nimbus roman no9 l",
freeserif, "liberation serif", serif;
$courier: "courier new", courier, freemono, "nimbus mono l",
"liberation mono", monospace;
$monaco: monaco, "lucida console", "dejavu sans mono",
"bitstream vera sans mono", "liberation mono",