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My solution of test task for infotecs intership
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This repository is a solution for intership as example of my code

This directory contains solution of the first task about Backup Macker. For logging I used log4net NuGet package. For configuration I used Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Json and there are a lot of dependencies, so there are a lot of dynamic libraries next to executable, but usally they are included with .NET.


By default configuration of backups is stored under bakup.json, but you can specify configuration file path as first argument to program. All other arguments will be ignored. If program will be unable to found config file Backupper will exit with code 3 and won't do anything.

Example of config

  "backups_directory": "tmp",
  "source_directories": [
  "log_level": "debug",
  "datetime_fmt": "MM-dd-yyyy__HH_mm_ss",
  "logs_directory": "Logs"


Argument Description Required
backups_directory Path of directory where to store backups. Will be created if able. Yes
source_directories Array of strings that contains paths to directories copy from. No. Default is []
log_level Log level. Supports all log4net levels and all specified task requirements No. Default is Info
datetime_fmt Format of datetime which will be used in filenames. No. Default is MM-dd-yyyy__HH_mm_ss
logs_directory Directory where to store logs No. Default is Logs

Exit codes

Exit code Reason
0 Backup was succesfully made
1 No backup directory was specified
2 Unable to make backup
3 Unable to found config file
4 Incorrect source directory. More info in error log

Extra tasks

All extra tasks were done:

  • Config format is JSON
  • Able to specify more than one source directory
  • Every run creates log file, log filtering is supported
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