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import databasemanager
import usermanager
import logging
import random
import time
logger = logging.getLogger('rg')
def add_to_list(tornament_name, uid):
num = databasemanager.add_to_list(tornament_name, uid)
databasemanager.add_to_list('tor_names', tornament_name)
if num < -1:
return False
return True
def get_tornament(tid):
def_val = get_tornament_dict(tid, [ ])
return databasemanager.get_variable(tid, def_val=def_val)
def get_tornament_dict(tid, uids):
names = [ ]
for uid in uids:
usr = usermanager.get_user(uid)
if usr:
return {
'id': tid,
'users': uids,
'names': names
def save_tornament(tid, uids):
val = get_tornament_dict(tid, uids)
databasemanager.set_variable(tid, val)
def start_tornament(tornament_name, reply):
uids = databasemanager.get_list(tornament_name)
tornament_id = str(round(time.time() * 1000))
tornament_dict = get_tornament_dict(tornament_id, uids)
save_tornament(tornament_id, uids)
databasemanager.add_to_list('tors', tornament_id)
for uid in uids:
def rep(txt, btns=None, photo=None):
reply(uid, txt, btns, photo)
usr = usermanager.get_user(uid)
if usr:
usr.start_tornament(tornament_id, rep)
def update(reply):
tors = databasemanager.get_list('tors')
names = databasemanager.get_list('tor_names')
for name in names:
lst = databasemanager.get_list(name)
if len(lst) > 9:
start_tornament(name, reply)
for tornament_id in tors:
update_tornament(reply, tornament_id)
def update_tornament(reply, tid):
tornament = get_tornament(tid)
uids = tornament['users']
users = [ usermanager.get_user(uid) for uid in uids ]
def get_next_user(i):
next_i = (i + 1) % len(users)
while users[next_i].dead:
next_i = (i + 1) % len(users)
return next_i
if len(users) == 1:
user = users[0]
def rep(txt, btns=None, photo=None):
reply(user.uid, txt, btns, photo)
databasemanager.remove_from_list('tors', tornament['id'])
gold = random.randint(10000, 20000)
rep('Это победа! Цезарь дарует тебе *{0}* злт.'.format(gold))
msg = ''
for i, user in enumerate(users):
dmg = user.get_room_temp('damage', def_val=0)
user.set_room_temp('damage', 0)
user.set_room_temp('attacked', False)
next_i = get_next_user(i)
if next_i != i:
def rep(txt, btns=None, photo=None):
reply(users[next_i].uid, txt, btns, photo)
users[next_i].make_damage(dmg, dmg, rep)
msg += '{0} нанес {1} ед. урона игроку {2}\n'.format(, dmg, users[next_i].name)
msg += '\nПродолжаем резню!'
for user in users:
if not user.dead:
reply(user.uid, msg)
reply(user.uid, 'Тебя постигло поражение. Так держать!', ['/start'])
save_tornament(tid, uids)
def make_damage(user, reply, dmg):
if user.get_room_temp('attacked', def_val=False):
reply('Ты уже атаковал. Подожди какое-то время.')
user.set_room_temp('attacked', True)
user.set_room_temp('damage', dmg)
reply('А теперь жди.')
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