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Changed uid of vk users

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YogurtTheHorse committed Aug 25, 2016
1 parent 9298b02 commit fe4ac1fbdeb3a2e860cdb0286442552377319931
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@@ -65,14 +65,13 @@ def reply(id, txt, buttons=None, photo=None):
def new_message(event):
text = event[6]
c_id = event[3]
uid = 'vk' + str(c_id)

if text == '/start':
reply(c_id, 'Теперь скажи мне свое имя')
usermanager.message(c_id, lambda *a, **kw: reply(c_id, *a, **kw), event[6])
usermanager.message(uid, lambda *a, **kw: reply(c_id, *a, **kw), event[6])

if __name__ == '__main__':

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