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import sys
import os
import argparse
from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad
from lazr.restfulclient.errors import ServerError
VERSION = "ppa-stats 1.0"
DESCRIPTION = "Prints download statistics for binary packages in a Launchpad PPA."
HELP_END = """
The -p, -s, and -a arguments can all be given multiple times, or as a comma-seperated
Note that Launchpad is unable to provide individual release information for packages
which are binary copied from one release to another. In such a case, the given number
will represent the sum of downloads across all releases sharing that binary package.
# TODO: implement an argument for specifying days, via
# getDailyDownloadTotals(start_date='2011-09-22', end_date='2011-09-23')
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog='ppa-stats', description=DESCRIPTION, epilog=HELP_END)
parser.add_argument('-p', '--package',
help='specify a package name (default: any)',
parser.add_argument('-s', '--series',
help='specify a series name (default: any)',
parser.add_argument('-a', '--arch',
help='specify an architecture (default: any)',
parser.add_argument('-l', '--login',
help='login to launchpad non-anonymously (required for private PPAs)',
parser.add_argument('--version', action='version', version=VERSION)
help='full name of the Launchpad PPA including the owning team or user and \
a slash, as in "PPA-Owner/PPA-Name"')
args = parser.parse_args()
ppa_owner, ppa_name = args.PPA.split('/')
except ValueError:
parser.error("Malformed PPA name '%s': Try ppa-owner/ppa-name" % args.PPA)
# Creates a list of strings into a list, eg ['foo', 'bar,', 'x,y,z'] -> ['foo','bar','x','y','z']
def list_from_comma_items(items):
output = []
for item in items:
return output
# We use sets to avoid duplication, especially the unexpected -p wine -p wine1.6 giving 2x wine1.6
if args.package is not None: package_whitelist = set(list_from_comma_items(args.package))
if args.arch is not None: arch_whitelist = set(list_from_comma_items(args.arch))
if args.series is not None: series_whitelist = set(list_from_comma_items(args.series))
# Login to Launchpad
cache_path = os.path.expanduser("~/.launchpadlib/cache/")
if args.login:
# note launchpadlib prints output about logging in here to standard out rather than stderr
lp = Launchpad.login_with('ppastats', 'production', cache_path)
lp = Launchpad.login_anonymously('ppastats', 'production', cache_path)
ppa = lp.people[ppa_owner].getPPAByName(name=ppa_name)
# Build the list of binaries to query
if args.package is None:
binaries = ppa.getPublishedBinaries(status='Published')
all_binaries = []
for package in package_whitelist:
all_binaries.extend(ppa.getPublishedBinaries(status='Published', binary_name=package))
# LP will return more than we ask above, eg wine1.7-amd64 when you asked for wine1.7
binaries = [x for x in all_binaries if x.binary_package_name in package_whitelist]
# TODO: consider making some attempt to order them, eg in arg order for individual packages
for binary in binaries:
splitted = binary.distro_arch_series_link.split("/");
series = splitted[-2]
arch = splitted[-1]
if args.series and series not in series_whitelist: continue
if args.arch and arch not in arch_whitelist: continue
downloadCount = binary.getDownloadCount()
except ServerError:
sys.stderr.write("Server Error: If this was a large PPA with many packages, try \
restricting your query with -p, -s, or -a")
print ("%s %s %s %d") % (binary.binary_package_name, series, arch, downloadCount)