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Mynt Mynr Installer
Mynt Mynr
Mynt Mynr.sln

Welcome to Mynt-Mynr!

Before installing the Mynt Mynr it is advised that you disable your antivirus. This is because it includes mining files that are flagged as false-positive viruses (programs that the antivirus application thinks is a virus but is not).

NOTE: You may need to disable real-time protection from your antivirus to allow your internet browser to download the file.

It is now advised to add an antivirus exception/exclusion to your install directory. For Windows Defender (Windows 10), go to: Start --> Settings --> Updates and Security --> Windows Defender --> Open Windows Defender Security Center --> Virus and Threat Protection --> Virus & Threat Protection Settings --> Add or Remove Exclusions.

When you first open the Mynr, you will be greeted with a Starting Guide. This guide will try and find an Electrum installation and get your key. It will also try and detect what type of graphics card you have (NVidia/AMD), if no graphics card is found, it will select CPU mining. There is also a small disclaimer regarding the antivirus as mentioned above.

NOTE: If you get an error regarding SlimDX, please close the app and download/install SlimDX which can be found here: (.Net 4.0 x86 version). Direct Link:

Press continue and the main mining window will appear, if it has detected your address and graphics cards correctly, you can press 'Start Mining', otherwise enter in these details manually. By default it will mine to the fastest address at Dwarfpool (due to no sign-up required), but you can change this in the advanced options (Note: The 'statum+tcp://' part of the custom pool address is not required, but can be entered).

Developed by Dreaded Zombie and Yokomoko.

GRS Donation Addresses

Groestlcoin Marketing Fund: FqkPKgvb2jFv6GdVphgyVY2iFPcHHi3dx7

Groestlcoin Development Fund: FWN1qdiRrymSR6jbpbanLYqZpjkEaZouHN

Developer Donation Address: FX31y8bTongNXqMuDQMxFtf79L3wXpi3oz

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