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The server connects to a mysql-compatible server (mysql, mariadb, percona), so you'll need one of those with a database and user/password pair ready.

We use flyway to manage database migrations. To set up the database, you'll need to download flyway.

You'll also need some proficiency with the command line.

Initial setup

In the root project directory, run:

path/to/flyway migrate -user=USER -password=PASSWORD -url=jdbc:mysql://HOST/DATABASE

Where USER is your mysql username, PASSWORD is your mysql password, HOST is the hostname of the mysql server and DATABASE is the database to use.


Use the same command as above. Handy, isn't it?

Using a pre-flyway database

If you're using a database since before we moved to flyway, it's a bit more involved to get migrations working.

In the root project directory, run:

path/to/flyway baseline -user=USER -password=PASSWORD -url=jdbc:mysql://HOST/DATABASE -baselineVersion=001 -baselineDescription="Initial schema"

From there, you can run migrations as normal.

Configuration file

Instead of putting -user, -password and -url in the command line every time you execute flyway, you can use a config file. Create it somewhere in the root of your project (we're calling it 'db.conf'):


Now you can just run flyway migrate -configFile=db.conf, and the settings will be loaded from config.