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A Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools
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Sprytile Painter

A addon for creating tile based low spec 3D scenes


  • Tile building: Build your mesh directly with tiles, skip tedious UV mapping while quickly rotating and flipping tiles.
  • UV painting: Create your mesh with other Blender tools, then quickly UV map them to your tiles. Spend less time in the UV editor.
  • Pixel grid tools: Keep your mesh aligned to the grid with pixel translation, move vertices around with confidence.




Download from

Please don't use GitHub releases, they are used for automatic updates.

Getting Started:


  • Chat with the fellow users in the Discord server
  • Showcase your work or ask for support in the forum

Issue/Feature requests:

Feature request or bug reports can be submitted to GitHub issues


Inspired by Crocotile3D.


Sprytile adopts the contributor covenant as the project code of conduct. The project values having a community that welcomes diversity. Contributions (bug reports, feature requests, documentation, etc.) are welcome!

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