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iOS/macOS HTTP(S)/SSL Network Traffic Peeker

Worked for NSURLConnection/NSURLSession/SSLRead/SSLWrite network traffic.



How to track AppStore's traffic on iOS?

  1. Install OpenSSH from Cydia;
  2. Install adv-cmds from Cydia;
  3. ps ax|grep itunesstored
  4. killall -s KILL xxxx(itunesstored's pid)

Now itunesstored will restart automatically with injection of HttPeek.dylib.

How to peek HTTP(S) on macOS

  1. Download to a folder (e.g. /Applications/HttPeex.dylib);

  2. Launch your process with HttPeex.dylib inserted:

    DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES=1 X=1 DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=/Applications/HttPeex.dylib /Applications/

But it could not work for "library validated process" (e.g. System Apps).

How to debug HttPeex on macOS

  1. Edit scheme on Xcode;

  2. Run -> Info -> Executable: Ask on Launch;

  3. Run -> Info -> Arguments -> Environment Variables:




  4. Just Run & Debug, select any application you want to peek.