Color scheme for Vim based on colors that can be found in the autumn.
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Autumn is a color scheme inspired by the colors you can find in the autumn. Originally it was written as a color scheme for Komodo IDE but was ported to Vim by Kenneth Love and Chris Jones. Since I moved to Vim I've made several changes and improvements to the color scheme, however if it wasn't for Ken and Chris I probably wouldn't have any clue where to start.

More information about the color scheme (as well as an up to date version) can be found here:


  • Vim 7 or newer (7.3 or newer is recommended)
  • A version of Vim capable of displaying lots of colors. Autumn was designed to be used in combination with Gvim, Macvim or similar implementations of Vim. However, Autumn does offer support for 256 color terminals but the colors will look slightly different.


Assuming you've downloaded this file and placed it somewhere all you have to do is move it into your "colordirectory:

$ cp ~/Downloads/autumn.vim ~/.vim/colors/

Supported Languages & Features

Autumn supports most, if not all features provided by Vim as well as a large amount of programming/scripting languages such as Ruby and C. Autumn comes with tweaked colors for the following languages:

  • Ruby
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript

Other languages such as Java or more obscure ones such as Rust are also supported. As long as there's a proper syntax highlighting plugin for the language this color scheme should be able to handle it just fine. However, if this isn't the case feel free to submit patches using Github.

Once installed you can activate it by running :color autumn in a Vim session.


Autumn.vim is licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3 license. Feel free to modify and share it with others as long as you're nice enough to give attribution.