An easy yet powerful to use asset manager for Ramaze.
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Ramaze::Asset is an asset manager that can be used with Ramaze. Out of the box it's capable of serving Javascript and CSS files but you can very easily add your own types.


All you need is Ramaze. It doesn't really matter what version you're using but 2011.07.25 or newer is recommended.


Install the Gem:

$ gem install ramaze-asset

Then require it somewhere in app.rb or wherever you like:

require 'ramaze/asset'


Ramaze::Asset uses so called "environments" to manage assets. Each environment has it's own set of assets. In order to create such an environment you'll need to initialize Ramaze::Asset::Environment and supply it with a directory to store your minified files in:

require 'ramaze/asset'

env = => __DIR__('public/minified'))

Once an environment has been created you can add files by calling the instance method serve():

env.serve(:javascript, ['js/foobar'], :minify => true, :name => 'foobar')

Building the minified files and generating the HTML can be done as following:

tags = env.build_html(:javascript)

p tags # => "<script src="minified/foobar.min.js" type="text/javascript">"

When loading files it's important to remember that these files should be specified relative to one of your public directories. Ramaze::Asset does not move them into a public directory itself nor does it add any routes. It's your job to make sure that the assets are located in one of your root directories' public directories. If Ramaze.options.roots contains a root directory called "A" then the assets should be located in A/public. You can customize this by adding/removing paths to Ramaze.options.roots and Ramaze.options.publics.

More information can be found in the source of each file, don't worry, they're documented well enough for most people to be able to understand how to use Ramaze::Asset.


Ramaze::Asset is licensed under the MIT license. A copy of this license can be found in the file "LICENSE".