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YorickPeterse commented Nov 18, 2012

Looking good, I'll merge this after I'm done rewriting the AST (and everything related) in the "refactor-ast" branch.

Andy Wenk Change the order of the options list so that it is the same, as
mentioning them in help. Furthermore added some examples how
to use more than one analyzer.

Use heredocs for this:

opts.separator <<-EOF


    $ ruby-lint some_ruby_file.rb -a undefined_variables
    $ ruby-lint some_ruby_file.rb -a undefined_variables,method_validation


Another thing that's worth noting: I'm not a fan of big fat --help messages, keep the indentation to a minimum. If there was a decent (out of the box) way of supporting manpages in Gems I'd use that but sadly that's not really possible (without extra gems and/or hacks).


andywenk replied Dec 13, 2012

The idea with heredocs is way better!

Concerning the big fat help messages. I don't think it's big. The decision how big the help message should be has to be made out of the fact which persons are in the target group. If you intend to write this tool mostly for developers, it can be short. If you want to give the tool to a wider group of people it should be as short as possible but as long as needed to explain the point for these people.

So what's your idea here about the length of the help messages?

To be honest I'm not entirely sure. Help messages can be tremendously useful
but they can also clog up the terminal screens. In this above case I think it
would be fine to just list the commands to execute without the description,
they are fairly easy to grok just by looking at them.


andywenk replied Dec 13, 2012

ok - I am fine with that ... I'll do it this way ...


YorickPeterse commented Jan 1, 2013

Just a small heads up: I haven't forgotten about this pull request. I'm
currently in the middle of re-factoring most of the codebase and this has taken
up most of my time so far. Hopefully I'll be able to merge this pull request in
the coming month (giving a clear estimate is a bit difficult at this time).

andywenk commented Jan 2, 2013

don't you worry ;-)


YorickPeterse commented Mar 7, 2013

In Git commit 79a06b7 I started working on a new Slop based CLI. This means that I won't be able to merge this pull request as is. Having said that, your suggestions will be taken into account and I'll make sure to properly mention you. I'll leave this pull request (and the other issue) open until they have been addressed in the new CLI.

andywenk commented Mar 8, 2013

everything is fine with me ;-) don't worry !

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