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@YorickPeterse YorickPeterse released this Dec 23, 2013 · 271 commits to master since this release

  • self is now defined as a class and instance method to ensure that the right
    data is used in these two scopes. See
    28f604ded884be2e43ef7ce93892a3cade4c93d7 for a more in depth explanation.
  • Block arguments passed to methods are now ignored by the ArgumentAmount
    analysis class.
  • Configuration objects are now passed to analysis classes.
  • ruby-lint can now parse empty Ruby files! Previously this would crash the
  • Range now inherits from Enumerable.
  • The definitions for Array have been re-generated.
  • Fix for searching for Ruby files when no directories were given to the file
    scanner class. Previously this would cause ruby-lint to start scanning from
    /. See for more