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analysis Correct docs of the Pedantics analysis class.
ast Rip out the caching system.
definition Replace Array#| with Array#+
definition_builder Added VirtualMachine#global_constant.
definitions Added definitions for test-unit
docstring Extracting method information from YARD tags.
extensions Lazy loading of core definitions.
method_call Define arguments for attribute setters.
presenter Removed the default names crap.
report Only pass nodes to entries.
template Fixed incorrect parenthesis in the defs template.
command.rb Removed traces of the old debug option.
configuration.rb Rip out the caching system.
constant_loader.rb [CLEANUP] Use single quotes for simple strings
constant_path.rb Resolving constant paths and nil values.
definition_generator.rb Generate code for inheriting included modules.
file_list.rb Refactor the CLI.
file_loader.rb Removed file loading debug output.
file_scanner.rb Fix scanning for dashed directories.
generated_constant.rb Generate code for inheriting included modules.
inspector.rb Use #name instead of #to_s when getting the name of constants.
iterator.rb Whitespace/OCD correction for Iterator#iterate.
method_call_info.rb Support for method call tracking.
nested_stack.rb Tests and documentation for NestedStack.
parser.rb Handle the parsing of empty files.
rake_task.rb Added a simple Rake task class.
report.rb Updated the docs on RubyLint::Report.
ruby_lint.rb Renamed ruby-lint/base.rb to ruby_lint.rb.
runner.rb Re-use parser diagnostic levels.
variable_predicates.rb Don't use the type ivar in variable predicates.
version.rb Release 2.0.4
virtual_machine.rb Properly associate method arguments with blocks.
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