Passing cs231n together

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Definitely, one of the best courses on Deep Learning. We are going to study together.

Main links

  • The course itself
  • Video-lectures, youtube channel. Prerequisites are given in the 1st lecture
  • Smth is going to appear here as well


There are 3 big and tough assignments in this course. We’ll have deadlines and exemplar solutions (by me or smb else) to be discussed. You can show your progress here.

Competitions & projects

In the original course they've got projects. You can also complete one, but actually, lectures and assignments is already a good workload. To do smth more, I propose 3 variants:

  • a personal pet-project (will be nice to show in your portfolio) here is an example by @artgor and a description in :ru: (you can translate it, but the app is self-explanatory)
  • a Kaggle competition. Maybe a playground one, to start with. This one, persay: "Dog Breed Identification" :dog2: :dog:
  • our Kaggle Inclass competitions – CIFAR 10 and Tiny Imagenet (to appear soon)


Authors claim that you can pass the course even with typical hardware. However, I recommend to rent a machine with GPU. The most convenient option right now is Google Colaboratory, a tutorial on Medium.

1st 2 weeks

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