Twitter bot that listens for the word "patate volante", retweets and replies to it.
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#What is it? Just a Twitter bot that listens for what you're saying. It will answer every tweet mentionning it something random it got from the previous tweets of the mentionner.

#Configure Begin by opening a new account for the bot on Twitter. Then, create an application for this account on, and get the API keys.

Setup in config.json. Replace the Twitter API keys of the bot you created on Twitter in the file. Like this:

	"keys": {
		"consumer_key":        "YOUR_CONSUMER_TOKEN",
		"consumer_secret":     "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET",
		"access_token_key":    "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY",
		"access_token_secret": "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET"
	"blacklist": ["HeureFrancaise"],
	"word_blacklist": ["Justin", "Bieber", "#Belieber"]

As you can see, you can also specify a blacklist which will prevent the bot from replying to certain users: this can be particularly useful if you don't want the bot to be stuck in a loop with another bot. You can blacklist words too, it can be useful when some people might think this is funny to RT thousands of the same tweet, just to gain vote in some ridiculous contest (I'm not saying #MTVHottest :-°)

#Usage Install Node.js, and use it to run the bot. Like this:

node bot.js