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Easily set up pterodactyl on Docker, adhering to the one service per container mantra.

(Well, mostly. Cron and php-fpm run on the same container, but cron doesn't count, right?)

I think it should be compatible with Docker Swarm, but I'm not able to test this myself yet.

Getting started

  1. Copy docker-compose.yml to somewhere on your computer.
  2. Edit docker-compose.yml to choose a secure username and password for your database. You'll need to use the same credentials for both mariadb's MYSQL_USER/MYSQL_PASSWORD and PHP-FPM's DB_USERNAME/DB_PASSWORD environment variables.
  3. Run docker-compose -d.
  4. Find the name of the php container using docker ps. It should be something like docker-pterodactyl-panel_php-fpm_1.
  5. Run docker exec -it docker-pterodactyl-panel_php-fpm_1 php artisan p:user:make and follow the prompts to set up your first user.

Using your own MySQL/MariaDB server

By default this stack includes its own MariaDB server, but with a few modifications you can have it use an existing database server instead. You will need to make several modifications to docker-compose.yml.

  1. Edit docker-compose.yml to remove the database server block.
  2. Edit docker-compose.yml to remove database from the depends_on section of the php server block.
  3. Edit docker-compose.yml to modify php-fpm's DB_HOST and DB_PORT environment variables.


Easily set up Pterodactyl Panel on Docker, adhering to the *one service per container* mantra.







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