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apple-cake is a module for cake on node.js. for more simple.
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apple-cake is a module for cake on node.js. for more simply.


npm install -g apple-cake

apple-cake need a cake on coffee-script. if you has not it, type for.

npm install -g coffee-script


CoffeeScript to JS

Put file that name is "Cakefile" (no extension) on your Web application project, or node.js project. And edit for.

ac = require 'apple-cake'

# Create command object
cmd = new ac.Command()

# Create files object
coffeeFiles = new ac.Files
  directory : "js"
  extention : "coffee"

task 'watch', 'Watch source files and build changes', (data)-> (dir, file, ext)->
    cmd.exec "coffee -c #{dir}/#{file}.coffee", (success)->
      if success
        console.log "Success build #{file}.js"

And run it. type for.

cake watch

That example a CoffeeScript files watch to change the file, and compile to JS file on js direcotry.

CoffeeScript to minified JS and Sass to CSS

# Need compiler.jar in Closure Compiler by Google

ac = require 'apple-cake'
cmd = new ac.Command()

coffeeFiles = new ac.Files "js", "coffee" 
sassFiles = new ac.Files "css", "sass" 

coffee = (file)->
  "coffee -c #{file}.coffee"

closureCompiler = (file)->
  gcc = "compiler.jar"
  "java -jar #{gcc} --compilation_level #{level} --js #{file}.js --js_output_file #{file}.min.js"

sass = (file)->
  "sass -C #{file}.sass:#{file}.css"

task 'watch', 'Watch source files and build changes', (data)-> (dir, file, ext)->
    # Everytime you can get file list from files object, example :
    # console.log coffeeFiles.fileNames
    cmd.exec coffee("#{dir}/#{file}"), (success)->
      if success 
        console.log "Success build #{file}.js"

        # You can get more info from command result
        cmd.exec closureCompiler("#{dir}/#{file}"), (success, err, stdout, stderr)->
          if success 
            console.log "Success build #{file}.min.js" (dir, file, ext)->
    cmd.exec sass("#{dir}/#{file}"), (success)->
      if success 
        console.log "Success build #{file}.css"

Are you OK?

Enjoy apple-cake and cake. Thanks.

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