Provides monitoring page which contains machine information, resources, processes ...etc
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This plugin provides monitoring page which contains machine information, resources, processes, and Java information for GitBucket Administrator.

All viewable informations are below.

  • Operating System Information (OS, Distribution, Version, Architecture)
  • Uptime (When booted, Spent time after booted)
  • Time (Current Time, Time Zone, Zone offset, Day of Week)
  • Environment variables
  • Resources (Cpu Cores, Cpu Statistics, Physical memory, Swap, Disk Usage)
  • Load average
  • Tasks (Running, Sleeping, Stopped, Zombie)
  • Java system properties and memory
  • (Obsolete) LogBack settings Please use gitbucket-application-logs-plugin.
  • (Obsolete) GitBucket's log Please use gitbucket-application-logs-plugin.


menu system envval
resources linux-cpu process
java-p java-m

Download & Installation

  1. Download plugin jar file from the release page.
  2. Put plugin jar file into GITBUCKET_HOME/plugins and restart GitBucket.

UI Usage

Goto the System Administration menu, you can see Monitoring section.

Compatibility with GitBucket

Plugin version GitBucket version
3.1.0 4.25.0 - 4.26.0
3.0.0 4.25.0 - 4.26.0
2.0.0 4.23 - 4.25.0
1.2.0 4.10 - 4.22.0
1.1.0 4.10 - 4.21.x
1.0.0 4.10 - 4.21.x

Supported OS

I confirm work it only Debian GNU/Linux 8, Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows10. But I think maybe also will be work it on other distribution(version) of Linux and Window. Mac is also.

Build from source

sbt package

The built package will be created at /target/scala-2.12/gitbucket-monitorting-plugin_2.12-{plugin-version}.jar


This project is under the Apache License, Version 2.0 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.