Docker integration for Project Clearwater
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Clearwater Docker

This repository contains Dockerfiles for use with Docker and Compose to deploy Project Clearwater.

Using Compose

There is a Compose file to instantiate a minimal (non-fault-tolerant) distributed Clearwater deployment under Docker. To use it, run

# Install Docker (on Ubuntu) - we need the latest for compatibility with Compose.
wget -qO- | sh

# Install Docker Compose (on Ubuntu).
apt-get install python-pip
pip install -U docker-compose

# Build the base Clearwater docker image.
docker build -t clearwater/base base

# Build all the other Clearwater Docker images and start a deployment.
docker-compose -f minimal-distributed.yaml up

Manual Turn-Up

If you can't or don't want to use Compose, you can turn the deployment up manually under Docker. To use it, run

# Install Docker (on Ubuntu).
wget -qO- | sh

# Build the Clearwater docker images.
for i in base bono ellis homer homestead ralf sprout ; do docker build -t clearwater/$i $i ; done

# Turn up all the containers and link them together.
docker run -d --name homestead -p 22 clearwater/homestead
docker run -d --name homer -p 22 clearwater/homer
docker run -d --name ralf -p 22 clearwater/ralf
docker run -d --name sprout -p 22 --link homestead:homestead --link homer:homer --link ralf:ralf clearwater/sprout
docker run -d --name bono -p 22 -p 3478:3478 -p 3478:3478/udp -p 5060:5060 -p 5060:5060/udp -p 5062:5062 --link sprout:sprout clearwater/bono
docker run -d --name ellis -p 22 -p 80:80 --link homestead:homestead --link homer:homer clearwater/ellis

Exposed Services

The deployment exposes

  • the Ellis web UI on port 80 (exposed on port 8080) for self-provisioning - the signup key is "secret"
  • STUN/TURN on port 3478 for media relay
  • SIP on port 5060 for service
  • SIP/WebSocket on port 5062 for service.

Additionally, each node exposes SSH - use docker ps to see what port its exposed on. The username/password is root/root.

What Next?

Once you've turned up the deployment, you can test it by

  • making a call - make sure you configure your SIP clients with a proxy, as if it were an All-in-One node
  • running the live tests - again, set the PROXY and ELLIS elements, as if it were an All-in-One node.