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PSM Manager v2.1 (by Yoti)
Formerly known as "NoPsmDrm Fixer".

Why I need this tool?
Because you simply can't run most of the PSM games on your modded Vita.

Is it all in one solution?
No. You must have NoPsmDrm plugin for running native PSM games and NoNpDrm as second plugin for running PSM Unity games.

How to use the Manager?
First of all, install and run it. If you see that your AID is a batch of zeros (that means you don't have any PSN account on your Vita) use "Fake AID (NP-2052-9 fix)" option. It will stay until you do a system reset.

Next, you must have PSM Runtime Package with 2.01 update installed. Setup HENkaku DNS for your Internet connection, then update PSM Runtime Package. Or just get it from NoPayStation (PCSI00011 one).

Update 2.01 can't be installed without running any PSM game, but I made a workaround -- use "Run the PSM Runtime App" option. You need to do this only once.

Got any PSM games from the NoPayStation via NPS Browser or PKGj -- any way you like to use. Run the Manager and choose "Prepare games for installation" option, then press "Finish". After auto system reboot you will see new game bubbles on the home screen.

Warning! On non-ensō systems with any MicroSD adapter mounted as ux0 and main storage mounted as uma0 (where you have the h-encore app after cold boot) you must also choose "Create mini bubbles in uma0" before "Finish". After auto system reboot you will have unplayable PSM bubbles. Just run h-encore, got your MicroSD as ux0 again and voilà -- it works!

PSM_Manager.vpk (v2.1) SHA-256:

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