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Integration of Smarty v3 with the Kohana PHP Framework
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Smarty3 Module for Kohana

This is a module for the Kohana PHP framework that integrates the Smarty Template Engine.

Release 0.9.4+ for Kohana 3 (3.0, 3.1 and 3.2) with Smarty 3.1.5

Upgrading from earlier releases

This release is not compatible with templates compiled by earlier releases. Make sure you delete your compiled templates (in APPPATH/cache/smarty_compiled by default) after installing the update.

Quick Start

  • Download and unpack the module, put it in your modules directory and enable it in your bootstrap file.
  • To use Smarty for a view you need to create a Smarty template template_name.tpl in your application's views directory. Then when you do $view = View::factory('template_name.tpl') you can use the $view object just as you would with a regular PHP view.
  • That's all there is to it! There's only one hitch, you can't use $view = new View('template_name.tpl') or change the template of an existing PHP view object to a Smarty template with $view->set_filename().
  • If your controller extends the Controller_Template class, you can use a Smarty template for your page layout too - just set public $template = 'layout_template_name.tpl'; in your controller class.

How does this magic work?

The Smarty module creates a View class that extends Kohana_View to intercept the View::factory() method and return an instance of either the unmodified Kohana_View for a PHP template or an instance of Smarty_View if the view file has the .tpl extension. Smarty_View implements the methods of Kohana_View to act on a Smarty object. If you are converting existing code, or just prefer to use the Smarty object directly, you can access it with $view->smarty(), but note that not all of the available methods have been tested and may produce unpredicatable effects.

More information

Documentation and support for this module can be found on Github. Support for Smarty and its standard plugins is of course on the Smarty site.


The Smarty module is copyright 2009-11 Mr Anchovy

Kohana is copyright 2008-2011 Kohana Team

Smarty is copyright 2001-2011 New Digital Group, Inc.

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