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Welcome to Tel Aviv


Ticket: #422793686
Name: Sergey Lukin

I own the license that allows me to use the photo of Tel Aviv taken by Dmitry Pistrov in this project.



Source code


Few words/facts about my creation

  • Best viewed on laptop/desktop.
  • Gracefully degradates for browsers without SVG support / less capable mobile devices
  • If Javascript is not available - original logo is displayed
  • All vendor components are managed with bower
  • Javascript files are written in CommonJS format, linted with JSHint and bundled with Browserify
  • Modernizr build is automatically assembled depending on which features are tested in source JS/CSS files
  • Vendor prefixes are automatically added, source SCSS files only contain mainstream properties
  • Source files are stored in master branch while gh-pages branch contains the most recent build with auto-optimized Images, JS and CSS assets.
  • All automated tasks are managed with custom Gulp setup.
  • No jQuery in the project
  • Window resize - friendly

Technologies used

  • SVG (manipulated via Snap.svg)
  • Responsive image loading via Srcset attribute with Polyfill

Thank you

I really enjoyed working on this project. I found the challenge to be very interesting. Heartily thank organizers! Can't wait to see all other submissions and attend the upcoming Conference! :)

Good luck everyone!

Thank you,


Updated my submission (see commit 589e531 in project's source branch).

screenshot of audio player

Soundtrack license included in the repo

Technologies used


@bolshchikov @kindofone @AdirAmsalem can I deploy this small bug fix without being kicked off from the contest? :)


@bolshchikov @kindofone @AdirAmsalem well, congratulations to winners! Sorry to not be among them. Would love to know at what criteria my work didn't stand so that I will better know my weaknesses and what to get better at. Thank you in advance!


Got my answers, thanks!

@sergeylukin sergeylukin closed this Jun 9, 2015
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