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If you wish to install YouTransfer in your own environment without any modifications, the Docker image is the most quick and easy approach. Simply install docker and run:

docker pull remie/youtransfer:stable

You can run the application with the following command:

docker run -d 
-v [path_to_upload_folder]:/opt/youtransfer/uploads 
-v [path_to_config_folder]:/opt/youtransfer/config 
-p 80:5000 

You can now connect to YouTransfer by browsing to http://[docker_host_ip]/

YouTransfer configuration

The config folder contains two files: the config.json, which is the application configuration, and the settings.json file.

The config.json file contains static information: it cannot be modified on runtime. In addition, it is a placeholder for default values of user settings. The settings.json file contains all settings that can be adjusted through the web interface. It is recommended to store the config folder outside the Docker container for persistance.

You can also use a data container to persist the configuration. Please refer to the Docker documentation and this excellent tutorial for more information on data containers.

Security warning

The YouTransfer application does not support SSL (https) for secure transfer or access control. If you wish to implement SSL, you will have to expose the application using a reverse proxy. There are several solutions available, like HAProxy, Nginx or Apache Httpd.