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You can run YouTransfer stand-alone by simply downloading the latest release.
Unpack the file and run it using PORT=80 npm start.

This requires NodeJS to be installed and you might need root/administrator privileges on your system.

The YouTransfer application does not implement any access control, not does it support SSL. For security reasons, it is therefor recommended to use any of the suggestions listed below.


The easiest way to host YouTransfer from your local system is to use Ngrok. This will create a secure tunnel between your computer and the NGrok servers, exposing the YouTransfer application to the outside world.

NGrok offers custom domains and secure connections using SSL, which is highly recommended.

Heroku, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud

If you do not feel strongly about running YouTransfer on your private servers behind the firewall with secure storage, it is also an option to use services like Heroku, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud. With the option to store your files remotely, YouTransfer can easily run on any of these platforms.

Please make sure to track issues #92 and #93, which will implement an SFTP storage provider and encrypted file storage. This will enable you to run YouTransfer on any of these cloud platforms whilst still having the ability to leverage security storage.

Reverse Proxy

If you are hosting YouTransfer on your own servers, it is recommended that you add a reverse proxy in front of the application. There are several solutions available, like HAProxy, Nginx or Apache Httpd.

A reverse proxy can be configured to support SSL, access rules and other security features which are not part of YouTransfer.

For more information on how to configure a reverse proxy:

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