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Blog entry:

This project is a command line tool that takes the data about IP ranges for each country generously offered by as CSV files and stores it into a single SQL Server table. On my 8 core machine and a remote Sql Server it takes less than 30 seconds to execute.

Then you can check the country of a particular IP as such:

SELECT TOP 1 Country FROM [dbo].[yv_country_by_ip] WHERE FromIp <= @TheIp AND ToIp >= @TheIp

@TheIp should be BIGINT (sql equivalent of .NET Int64 or long) Some helper functions you may need:

long IpStringToLong(string ipStr)
    var parts = ipStr.Trim().Split('.');
    if(parts.Length < 4) throw new ArgumentException("IP not as expected '"+ipStr+"'");
    var a = Byte.Parse(parts[0]);
    var b = Byte.Parse(parts[1]);
    var c = Byte.Parse(parts[2]);
    var d = Byte.Parse(parts[3]);
    return ((long)a << (8*3)) + (b << (8*2)) + (c << (8*1)) + (d << (8*0));
string IpLongToString(long ipLong)
    var b = BitConverter.GetBytes(ipLong);
    return b[3] + "." + b[2] + "." + b[1] + "." + b[0];

Please note that you need to create /CountryByIp/CountryByIp/App.config from /CountryByIp/CountryByIp/App.config.sample with the connection string to your database and the desired table name.