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GOMC Manual.pdf


The GPU support is being migrated to the CPU code to simplify the develop into a single code base. This will improve the maintainability for future releases. The current GPU branch can still be used, but the CPU branch has additional functionality, such as support for Ewald Sum. Future updates will be made only to the CPU branch, which will also include GPU support

*****GOMC 1.0*****

>>Building GOMC
From the terminal
1. Go inside the root folder
2. run make

>>Test and Run:
To test systems, put input files directly in the root folder, where the GOMC.out is 
To run the system, just execute ./GOMC.out

You can change nvcc compiler and add flag through the makefile.
To compile on NVIDA's CC 2.x GPUs, go to the "# CUDA code generation flags" sections and change the "GENCODE_FLAGS" to "$(GENCODE_SM20)".

>>To build with NVT or GEMC, you can change the Ensemble flags at the EnsemblePreprocessor.h file.
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