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predict_obs_cartpole is the cartpole task but where the agent will
get extra reward for saying what it expects its next 5 *observations* will be.
This is a toy problem but the principle is useful -- imagine a household robot
or a self-driving car that accurately tells you what it expects to percieve after
taking a certain plan of action. This'll inspire confidence in the user.
Note: We don't allow agents to get the bonus reward before TIME_BEFORE_BONUS_ALLOWED.
This is to require that agents actually solve the cartpole problem before working on
being interpretable. We don't want bad agents just focusing on predicting their own badness.
from gym.envs.classic_control.cartpole import CartPoleEnv
from gym import Env, spaces
import numpy as np
import math
# this is the bonus reward for perfectly predicting one observation
# bonus decreases smoothly as prediction gets farther from actual observation
class PredictObsCartpoleEnv(Env):
def __init__(self):
super(PredictObsCartpoleEnv, self).__init__()
self.cartpole = CartPoleEnv()
self.observation_space = self.cartpole.observation_space
self.action_space = spaces.Tuple((self.cartpole.action_space,) + (self.cartpole.observation_space,) * (NUM_PREDICTED_OBSERVATIONS))
def _seed(self, *n, **kw):
return self.cartpole._seed(*n, **kw)
def _render(self, *n, **kw):
return self.cartpole._render(*n, **kw)
def _configure(self, *n, **kw):
return self.cartpole._configure(*n, **kw)
def _step(self, action):
# the first element of action is the actual current action
current_action = action[0]
observation, reward, done, info = self.cartpole._step(current_action)
if not done:
# We add the newly predicted observations to the list before checking predictions
# in order to give the agent a chance to predict the observations that they
# are going to get _this_ round.
if self.iteration > TIME_BEFORE_BONUS_ALLOWED:
for i in xrange(min(NUM_PREDICTED_OBSERVATIONS, len(self.predicted_observations))):
l2dist = np.sqrt(np.sum(np.square(np.subtract(
self.predicted_observations[-(i + 1)][i],
bonus = CORRECT_PREDICTION_BONUS * (1 - math.erf(l2dist))
reward += bonus
self.iteration += 1
return observation, reward, done, info
def _reset(self):
observation = self.cartpole._reset()
self.predicted_observations = []
self.iteration = 0
return observation
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