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Code repository for @ GovHack 2017

This is the project repository for

Government grants to community organisations are an underappreciated but very important glue that helps hold our local communities together. Supporting everything from the CFS, the local swimming pool or country town parklands, find out where the money is spent. This tool can be used by planners to see if any area or group is inadvertently biased to more funding, for further investigation.

To run the app, go to

Hosting is by

Hackerspace page:


The code is not in this git branch, check out the gh-pages branch instead.

Original data sources

Data in assets/ is either source from or has been modified from the following.

Mapping Between data sets: "Government Regions" csv file contains a series of mapping between region names. From this we mapped post codes to regions and local government areas to postcodes.

List of government schools calcuated by interseccting the geojson map to lat/lon coordinates in csv file.