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Your Members

This is the dump of the Your Members trunk repository from our own internal SVN repo at Coding Futures, it contains the latest versions of Your Members Core and individual sub modules.

##WARNING! This code is provided as is, without comment or warranty, Coding Futures LTD will not be developing this product further and it is here on github to provide long term access for existing users. WE DO NOT recommend people use this as the base of their own plugins. This plugin should not be used as best standards indeed quite the opposite.

###Installing To install Your Members, use the ym_trunk upload and rename as ym/ and activate. The previous activation system is turned off and is set to return true.

###Configure and running YM is a massive plugin over the next few weeks expect us to start putting up all the old documentation on Github you can see what is currently up in the Your Members documentation section.

###Licensing All PHP code is licensed under GPL3 as is any other code within the repository unless otherwise stated. The license folder contains the older licenses for reference only and do not cover the code found in this repository.

###Finding Bugs/Problems? That's a given and one of the reasons we no longer supporting Your Members there were just to many bugs for us to feel comfortable building on top of the YM foundation. As mentioned previously this is meant to be for archive purposes and so we won't be answering support issues I'm afraid and the software is provided as is.