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Your Members - Adaptive Pricing Plugin

This plugin allows the creation of different pricing structures which can be restricted by time or number of sales.

     Before you Begin

Your Members Adaptive Pricing Plugin requires an authenticated and active copy of Your Members to be installed.

Installation Instructions

1. Unzip this zip file
2. Upload ym-ap to your WordPress Plugins Folder
3. In WordPress Admin, goto Plugins and Enable the plugin.
4. The Adaptive Pricing settings page, can be found under the Your Members Menu in the side bar, or in the
	Your Members - Members and Subscription Settings Page
5. Setup Adaptive Pricing Models


1. To create a model visit the settings page, the right hand column will allow to give your model a rememberable name,
	and select what model this is to be applied to (A Pay Per Post or Subscription/Pack)
2. On the second page you can select which PPP/Pack to apply the model to, and in the case of a PPP, whether to take
	the PPP off sale after the last tier/level
3. Use the add tier button to add a new tier/level

Tiers have the following options:

* Price for this tier, using your YM Selected Currency
* Tier Type

Tiers/levels come in three kinds.

* Sales Based - The tier is valid for a number of sales
* Time Based - End the tier at a specific time
* Hour Based - End the tier after a number of hours after it starts

4. Submit the form
5. You can now review the model and edit its tiers.
6. Finally when happy you can enable the Pricing Model.
	Your Members Adaptive Pricing Model, will enable and disable each tier as they become valid/invalid
	Logs are kept of each Price Change/Tier Update that occurs.